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Sweden to Singapore

January 31, 2010

Viktor Predan, Head of Opportunities

Last night at Zouk, I had the honour of meeting (or rather bumping into at the bar) Viktor Predan. Viktor cycled from Sweden to Singapore. And from what I heard (and if I remember correctly) he said his bike got stolen here!! OMG lah Singaporeans!!!!

Here’s a snippet of his blog post:

So I finally arrived to Singapore. Totally fantastic of course. It is amazing to reach a goal you have been working for so long. Here in Singapore the pace hace been kept up through holding presentations about the trip for different organizations. In fact, the last week has been totally amazing. Feels like a good reward after the sometimes tough cycling.

Anyway, do read about his fantastic experience on his blog! He arrived on January the 18th and has been here since! I hear he’s thinking of heading to Shanghai next! (Wonder if he chooses places that start with ‘S’ only for his destinations haha!) So send him your well wishes or questions via his website or blog!


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