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Capstone Seminar Series @ SMU

January 19, 2010
Topic: Back from Copenhagen: SMU Students in Dialogue with Local Environmental NGOs on Climate Change  


This session aims to engage Capstone students and audiences in climate change—one of the defining debates and action arenas of our times.  Our four speakers are students and NGO leaders and activists. They will discuss with us a number of challenging topics such as, for example: Do you believe there is potential in Singaporean citizens to become an engaged majority on international environmental issues?  What specifically can youth contribute to problem-solving on the international platform and what have Singaporean young adults been doing in this regard? Do young citizens have voice and power in the international arena and to what extent do their wishes go into policy considerations in Singapore and worldwide? Which governments and governance platforms are more responsive to climate change activism by youth—local, national, or global ones? Is being from a small country an obstacle to membership in the global community of concerned voices? Finally, what are the less highlighted impacts of climate change and should we care about related issues such as the plight of climate refugees and how?

Moderator: Assistant Professor Ann Vogel
Speakers: Ms Eleina Hema d/o Abdullah Ailmchandani, SMU student

Ms Lee Yi Hui Eileen, SMU Student

Mr. Wilson Ang, Founder and President, Environmental Challenge Organization (Singapore)

Date: Tuesday, 19 January 2010
Time: 3.30 pm – 5.30 pm
Venue: Conference Hall 1, Level 5

Administration Building

Singapore Management University

81 Victoria Street

Singapore 188065                                                        (Location Map)

Registration: Click here to register.
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