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16 ways to cut 16 per cent

January 16, 2010

The Magic Number

I was surprised to see that there was a feature article in the papers today titled as such. This is an article originally written by Rachel Chang on pages A34 and A35 in The Straits Times Review Insight section. In no particular order… with my opinions in brackets!

  • Keep cool cheaply: switching to fan from air-con saves you $555/yr!
  • Go meatless on Mondays: AVA reports the average Singaporean eats 90kg of meat and fish/person/year (2007 statistics)!
  • Calculate your carbon footprint (then what?)
  • Live chemical free: use home-made quick fixes or make your own beauty products (how come targetted at ladies only?)
  • Go hybrid or turn left only (if only there was that option for GPS… take the turn left only route!)
  • Pay to plant a tree (you’re asking Singaporeans? errr….)
  • Eat close to home: i.e. buy local
  • Start a garden (like Mrs Obama! and you can consider composting too)
  • It pays to be lazy: use tupperware instead of cling, use rags instead of paper towels, buy a dishwasher as it saves 40% more water than washing by hand (not everyone can afford a dishwasher though and disposable tupperwares are bad for the environment too! plus not to mention the extra washing when transfering dishes from plates/bowls to reusable tupperware containers)
  • Change your bulbs: this one reads “You can easily hit the 16% target by switching all your bulbs to compact flourescent lamp bulbs, which use 80% less energy than normal. The NEA says each bulb will save you $15/year” (while I commend the author for enlightening us on this fact (no pun intended) it does seem that the onus is on US to make the 16% cut… wasn’t it the government you wanted to commit to the 16 %? but having said that, maybe it will be up to us since 16% is only if other countries make the cut too)
  • Is your fridge temperature set right?
  • Switch off the mains
  • Flush less: pee in the shower
  • Shower for 5 minutes, use a pea-sized dollop of shampoo and conditioner, do NOT blow dry your hair, go to bed with your wet hair pinned up to achieve bounce and volume (err, not what my mum told me.. but i get the point)
  • Go paperless: opt out of receiving unaddressed promotional mail (read: JUNK mail) by calling its hotline 6845-6210 and/or opt for paperless billing from your telco and bank
  • Bottoms up: drink local beer (WHOOHOO) apparently drinking Tiger Beer will result in a reduction of 16% or more of carbon emissions a day.. (that’s good to know!)

Regardless of my comments, some of which I know are rather cynical, I commend Rachel Chang for writing and having this article published in the papers. I guess it is one step towards making the change or.. making the cut. 🙂 Oh and I like the last one the best! Cheers! Hic.


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  1. January 17, 2010 5:10 pm

    Sporeaness as usual, both the article and your comments. Seriously, I think the first one is the hardest, 12th one(switch off your appliances when you’re not using it, not just put it on standby) the easiest but the most ignored and the last one, well, are you sure most of the beers are not just made in Msia?


  2. Mellow permalink*
    January 18, 2010 1:10 am

    Hi Ron!

    Thanks for your comment there! Yeah I was most peeved about the article’s insistence that the Singaporean society is fully responsible for making the 16% cut, which the government set!!! In any case… shouldn’t the government first do their part by showing us tangible cuts in the various sectors? And do we really need to go to the extent of having the papers tell us what to do to cut our emissions? geez.

    Oh, and the last time I checked… Yes Tiger Beer is still being manufactured on Singapore shores! Quite near Msia… in Tuas but still Singapore! HAHA when you gon come down for a drink with us??


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