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YOUNGO high-level intervention, presented by Juan Carlos

December 19, 2009

I hope there are many who appreciate Youth Intervention Speeches.  What you see on-screen is only a 2 minute speech, but actually, it is the work of many people working under tight timelines, condensing ideas from various people, to bring total word-counts down from 1200+ to 300.

I would especially like to share with you readers, 2 messages from Jeremy Osborn (co-founder of  These were addressed to the UNFCCC Youth Group (which has 1353 members as of 18 Dec, 2009), regarding the efforts put in for Juan Carlos’ YOUNGO high-level intervention text

A group consensus process makes it incredibly hard to hit a message hard and forcefully, because everyone has different ideas on what should and should not be written aggressively.  This is an aggressive text, so congrats on navigating that process.

Also, having been through some of the insanity of drafting these things at the intersessional meetings, the UN does not make it easy to have it be a thorough, inclusive process, and this seems well done within the limits imposed on us.

So here you go, the video and the text.

Thank you mister President for giving us the floor.

Good afternoon fellow human beings.

My name is Juan Carlos, and in the year 2050 I will be 64 years old. I am proud to represent the International Youth Climate Movement.

Christina Ora, a 17 year old from the Solomon Islands, addressed the opening plenary two weeks ago. She said “I was born in 1992. You have been negotiating all my life. You cannot tell us that you need more time.”

We have all worked for the past two years with the promise of a strong deal in Copenhagen to safeguard our future. Now it seems you will not get it done.

This is unacceptable. We placed our trust in you. You should be ashamed.

The United Nations was created to solve humanitarian and social crises, but instead of standing united, you are now the Divided Nations. Humanity can and must do better. Mother Nature will not negotiate with us.

You must set targets to get us back below 350 parts per million. You must agree on fair, sufficient AND additional financing to pay back the ecological debt to those most vulnerable.

The Youth dream of a sustainable future shared by all humanity. There is wisdom in the people’s hearts, and people are ingenious. We CAN solve this crisis if we just choose so. But this requires going beyond selfish national interests.

We support those nations who have refused to sign a suicide pact. We call on all nations not to accept anything that does not guarantee survival and climate justice.

The Youth believe that you care enough for the future of your children and grandchildren to sign a fair, ambitious and legally-binding agreement.

There will be no decisions about us, without us.

Rest assured that we will keep on working, and we will keep on pushing you harder and harder, until the deal is sealed.

Please do it now.

Thank you.

Live from COP15,
ECO Singapore

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