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Very First Post from Japanese Youth

December 18, 2009

Hello All.

My name is Jun, and I am from Japan. Since a lot of youth are locked out from the Bella Center. I would like to introduce further activities that the youth do inside the Bella Center on the second thursday. Because I copy my post in Japanese, it will be 80% Japanese and 20% English. Excuse me about this.

いよいよNGOの入場制限が厳しくなり、High Level Segment、そして(おそらくは)非公式にコペンハーゲンでの成果をだそうと各国交渉官が交渉を続けています。

Inside the Bella Center, High Level Segment continues.. (Gordon Brown gave his speech at Plenary I)



Youngo had an interview with the Dutch minister of the environment.. The Dutch government fund the global south youth to come to COY and COP. A girl named Aisha from Moldives expressed her thanks to the Dutch environmental minister.


The youth also had a meeting with Mr. Lagos, a special envoy to the secretary general of the U.N. and the former President of Chille.



明日は、次回COP16の議長を行う予定のメキシコ環境大臣との会談、YouthのPress Conferenceなどを行う予定です。

On Friday, the Youngo will meet the Mexican minister of the environment.

Live from COP15
Guest Blogger from the Japanese Youth Delegation

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  1. December 19, 2009 1:45 pm

    Keep your posts coming Jun! =D It adds diversity to our sites!

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