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Some Clarifications

December 18, 2009

Scrolling through the comments on this blog, I have noticed that many people are under the impression that the ECO team is fully sponsored by the government. Perhaps it is the fact that we are Singaporeans at a high level conference that we should otherwise have no business attending, but in reality we are absolutely detached from the government. In fact, we meet our own government delegation even less than we meet the delegations of other governments!

If you are still not convinced, please allow me to give a breakdown of the sources of our funding. A significant portion of our funding was derived from a fundraising party held at the Supperclub, named “The Original Sin”. The rest were obtained from diverse sources such as schools, intergovernmental organizations and private donations sought by our team members on a personal level. The remainder, naturally, was self funded, with each of us forking out an average of SGD$3000.

Being self funded, we are not here as the mouthpiece of the government, we speak on behalf of ourselves, and express the hopes and aspirations of fellow youth worldwide. We hope this post clarifies matters, but just as climate change has its skeptics, we are sure there are still some of you out there who are unconvinced.

Live from Copenhagen

ECO Singapore

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