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Green Royalty

December 17, 2009

The Danish Royal Family is also concerned about the climate change and is determined to do something about it. Among other things the Royal family is reducing its CO2 emission by 35 percent.

We all have to cut down on CO2 to reduce the climate change, even royalty.

At Amalienborg Castle in Copenhagen where the Danish Royal Family lives the castle’s heaters are being renewed. This alone will reduce CO2 emission annually by 150 ton, which is a 35 percent reduction. Amalienborg castle in Copenhagen – home to the Danish Royal Family”We took a good look at where we could make changes in the Royal Family’s energy consumption.We decided to focus on heat, electricity and gasoline,” says Søren Kruse, Financial director for the Royal Family.

Future kings for future climate

Besides cutting down on the CO2 emission Crown Prince Frederik also gave a speech at the Bright Green Expo during the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.

Also the Crown Prince of Norway and Crown Princess of Sweden were present at the Bright Green Expo. Together the three friends and future Scandinavian kings and queen this summer went on a trip to Greenland. The goal was to learn more about new science related to climate change and to witness what the climate change means to the population in Greenland.

“We live in a climatically disclosure period in which our children and grand children will spent their whole lives,” says Crown Prince Frederik to Danish newspaper Berlingske Tidende. Crown Prince Frederik has two children – Prince Christian four years old and Princess Isabella two years old.


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