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A little bit of white:)

December 16, 2009

Thank goodness Global Warming isnt that severe!

It started snowing today!:) Finally, was not like the light snow snow, but really a decent thick layer enveloping the ground:) It first started in the afternoon, and Ping and myself got into a small snowball fight:) to compensate for our inability to participate in the morning demonstration, and to let our all the energy hidden within us:) then we decided to ambush Melissa on her way home, but ended up in a three way snowball fight between Ping, Elenia and myself. Started by me taking a cheap shot at Ping, and then the fight ensued!:)

Later in the day, past evening and all, the snow became heavier. The ECO team had a major snowfight, with the boys pitting their skills, wit and brawn against the girls:) Neither side emerged the winner, but we had a great deal of fun and all!:) No pictures were taken, as it was too dangerous for cameras to be exposed, and everyone available was caught up in the heavy snow fight:)

Making full use of the opportunity, we also made a huge life-size snowman:) we named it Wilson, to express our deep love for our teamleader:) It looks pretty ugly and plump, but still a decent effort from us! haha, our first ECO snowman, made from renewable materials, aka snow:)

Our ECO Snowman 'Wilson' 🙂

Tomorrow will be a whiter day, more snow and more fun:) With all of us copped out of COP15, there will be much time left for us to play with snow and enjoy the white scenery:)

Live from COP15,


ECO Singapore

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