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I believe… Creativity can change the climate… for the better…

December 16, 2009

Amidst the frenzies of COP15 negotiations and climate-change action, there have been many different “expressions” of “green”. By this, I mean organized educational workshops and side-events, such as Malmo sustainability tours; peaceful demonstrations such as fasting and candlelight vigil; adrenaline-packed actions such as street marches, climate dances, etc.; creative media such as posters, paintings, cartoons, films, etc.; entertaining events such as Hopenhagen concerts, etc.

There are definitely more examples of other unique green efforts but it’s getting late, so I will attempt to elaborate via a later update of this post, if time permits.

I appreciate the creativity and originality that were applied to all the different initiatives; it must have taken time, even for basic brainstorming about various methods that can be best applied to get the green message across. Plenty of unsung heroes working through the night, trying to influence decisions, to make an impact to save the world.

Dagmar Theatre, Jernbanegade 2, Copenhagen

Eleina mentioned the film “Climate Refugees” by Michael P. Nash in her post earlier, and if I’m not wrong, they set it up over 72 hours – the last-minute favour-pulling to book the cosy Dagmar Theatre in the city centre, arranging the music (they got in an all-girls’ band), catering and logistics, and inviting the guest panelists (one of them even had to postpone an  important meeting in Germany), etc. I must say, their abilities could probably earn them a spot to becoming Donald Trump’s “Apprentice”?

Anyway, enough of kudos and back to “creativity”. Below are some snapshots of posters, captions, items, etc., which I felt reflected how creativity in the green movement can reach out to people to “complete the circle” – touch them and motivate them to get involved, be it directly (e.g. Plant a tree), or indirectly (e.g. An accountant working out the
numbers for a CDM project).

I do hope many more people can step up and contribute in their own ways, as creatively as they can, so they may outreach to the many others who have yet to be moved by us.

Live from COP15,

ECO Singapore
1) A standing poster from the “Climate Refugees” reception

It's not about "IF"

It's about "WHEN"...

2) Photos combined with intriguing questions

Wallpaper / Poster at Malmo Sustainability Centre

3) Songs

“Incredible tune done by Rob Longstaff for the big Copenhagen Climate Conference in Copenhagen. December

Here are the lyrics:

CHANGE TUNE (hot in the city)

we change our socks we change our lovers we change our clothes short change one another

we change the rules we change lanes and we’ll be kickin buckets if we don’t change


we better change our pants they gettin crusty we better change our locks, they gettin rusty we better we change our money, back to beans cause money means nothin on the high seas


mama earth gettin hot…its our fault as the oceans rise we’ll be eatin’ salt slow readers better turn the page, we gotta change our minds on climate change


we better change the sheets, they got stains, we better change our minds, like we got brains

Change our money back to stones cause money means nothin on a bag of bones


stop makin babies and make some sense when the shit goes down we just sit in the fence slow readers gotta turn the page we gotta change our minds on climate change


we better change our shoes, they carry shit Mama earth workin but she gonna quit change our money back to goats cause money means nothin on a sinking boat


summer damn hot and winters warmer read the signs cause she try to warn ya.. slow learners better turn the page we gotta change our minds on climate change..

Hot in the city….

*Rob kindly recorded this at the request of Ole Seidenberg, who was headed to the Copenhagen meetings on
climate change as part of”

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  1. February 23, 2010 11:11 am

    Hi, please take a look on the painting that belongs to the standing poster.



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