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Eco-City: Augustenborg in Malmo, Sweden

December 16, 2009

Augustenborg today is one of the environment capitals in the world, about 11 years after its establishment as an eco-city. Its 1800 apartments currently house around 3000, and has seen a low occupancy turnover rate since.  This is in stark contrast to its pre-eco days, when unemployment rates were high, and environmental problems were rampant. With Augustenborg, it appears that taking the sustainable route provides social, ecological and economic benefits.

The honour of hosting and producing the world’s first botanical roof garden, belongs to Augustenborg. Apart from that, the eco-city also produces solar energy and small-scale wind, focuses on energy efficiency, has a high recycling rate and actively engages in food composting, has an open storm water management system in place, as well as much residential participation and knowledge-exchange.

Louise Lundberg of Scandinavian Green Roof, raises some disappointment at how slow the rest of the world is in catching up with Augustenborg’s eco-city.

Live from Malmo, Sweden
ECO Singapore

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