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Terminating Climate Change

December 15, 2009

From action hero from the movies to a climate action hero. Arnie is a man of Action.

Enjoying the presence of an international audience and setting, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger opened with, “I love giving speeches here, I am not the only one with an accent!”

This being my first time seeing Mr Bodybuilder then Mr Movie Star and now Governor, Schwarzenegger, I was quite surprised to see his name on the daily COP15 program. What is Arnie doing here?? New movie launch? Terminating climate change? Well, he was here to talk about how California was taking on an active role in climate change and how national governments around the world could work internally to meet new climate standards.

According to him, world policymakers do not have to choose between a clean environment and economic growth. He further explained that as much as the Federal Government was important, mitigating climate change should be explored at sub-national levels.

Schwarzengger said “we’ve proved that over and over again in California.” California in itself is the 7th largest economy in the world, and what they do has consequences; “the power of influence we have is like that of a continent.”

Schwarzenegger said that people worried about climate change should pay more attention to companies, universities and “ordinary folks” and not put so much emphasis on a multinational consensus. (source)

“I always believed in the act of transformation. Movements begin with the people, not the government. And when they (the movement) become powerful enough, the government (will) respond,” added Schwarzenegger.

“I believe in the power of the citizen, the states and provinces.”

His opinion of COP15? It is already a success “as it has brought the World to focus to what must be done”. Though I must argue that we already know what has to be done but will we do it?

In closing he felt that the Kyoto Protocol made us think differently about the world and perhaps Copenhagen will lead us to a further rethinking of our world, one at sub-national level.

And it was great to hear him end his speech with, “thank you … thank you … thank you everyone and I’LL BE BACK.”


Live from COP15
ECO Singapore

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  1. Mellow permalink*
    January 2, 2010 4:44 am

    haha i love this lah 😀

  2. Roger A. Wehage permalink
    October 27, 2010 5:10 pm

    You gotta love Arnie. California probably has done more for climate change than any other state, but how much, really? We’ll see after Nov 02, 2010: It’s likely that Californians won’t be taking future global warming disasters any more seriously than the rest of the country.

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