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High Level Segment Rough Transcript

December 15, 2009


*CC – Climate Change*
*KP – Kyoto Protocol*
*arnd – around*
*Pls. – Please*
*reqd – required*

*Danish Prime Minister **Lars* Lokke Rasmussen- Welcome speech:

Presence of leaders is a possibility of ambitious climate deal. Opportunity
not to miss and save the world, world is watching and this is a chanc to
chalk out a plan for planet and for future generation. Decisive moment, to
change the world… ample risk of wrong science. Courage is what it takes to
stand and speak and courage is what is takes to sit down and listen.
Remember all your heavy compromise of life and all things you care about.
Need for a deal – for both negotiating tracks, Global threats have been
faced earlier – good news: we know what the problem is and we know how to
change … we can change this message from technology, we want to change is
the message from people. Pls. think of yourself and about the people around
the world and take the decision. Copenhagen is the place to be and it is the
place to act. Lets work for a bright and geen future.

*UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon:*

let us pose to reflect how far we have come, for years skeptics have called
CC a myth, scince have changed today. Bali gave us a road map to Copenhagen,
road is difficult and target is large. 130 heads of states are coming that
means CC is main thing on out agenda. A deal in our common intrest, protects
most vulnerable, and ensures green growth. 3 yrs od efforts have come down
to 3days of negotiations and actions. Poverty,, econoic growth and
maintining peace and prosperity are one of many chanllenges we face. *Young
people ask, show us a change show us a deal.* We are here for an agreement
that is FAB, acknowledges troubles for all countries…2C and that
challenges our ability

1. emission reduction target for develop
2. more commitment from developing countries
3. financing
4. adaptation and mitigation
5. transparent and equitable governance

welcomes, 10Bn/yr dollars for copenhagen fund. We must look for long term
commitments. we have come a long way and our goal is to lay the foundaton
for legally binding treaty this time. Ambition level are not sustainable,
global response now, time for negotiation is over, time for unfair
negotiations is over..time to act now. Strong the agreement in copenhagen
..KP must be maintained. most complex and most difficult. we are present at
the start of new era.

COP-President *Connie Hedegaard* :

Sucess within reach, but we can fail also. because we spend time too much on
repeating our positions and negotiating them. we must change gears, cant
risk faliure no one wants that … therefore a key word is COMPROMISE.
People arnd the world the call is same ‘act now and act now pls’. leaders
are expected to answer to the challenge. small steps reqd. for moving ahead,
more thatn 120 heads of states joining … this is imp achivements now is
the time to act and increase pace of progress. Correspond our progress with
call & demand out side. small steps to be followed by big steps. u must
commit, u must compromise, u must deliver. At Stake: world leaders to come
to agreement. turn division into decision, we all are accountable for not
only what we do but also what we fail to do. LETS GET IT DONE.

*Yvo de Boer*, executive secretary UNFCCC

This day 2 yrs back we were in Bali, after intense negotiations u suceeded
to deliver now agin we are at the same turn. progress till now is not
enough. We cannot keep on running the same thing compasssion makes nations
great. u all have capability to deliver and therefoe u are here. Science
tells us solutions exists but its on us to decide if we adopt to a strong
agreement. thousands of young are trying to make most impact as possible. we
need ambitious results under KP, adaptation – mitigation-tech
transfer-fiance-redd: much of progress has been made but finance still
remains an issure to think abt. It is upto you to …a place where good
intentions were changed to good treaty and let the history repeat.

HRH Prince of Wales,

Dr. W Mathai,
Delegates cannot negotiate with climate they can negotiate among themselves.
African and small islands are suffering from adverse effects. Historical
responsibility, some regions have over used our common climate space;
respond to carbon responsibility and carbon justice. How far rich countries
are ready to countribute from their comfortable positions? Upto the
developing world to convince them that CC is a global problem and this is
the time to respond. No delegate leaves the conference with a perfect deal,
we must find common ground and transparent and leave copenhagen with a
document with ..Respect to KP. Forest an intergral part of solutions to
cOP15, I support REDD plus. from COP15 we need governance structure for
financing the needs of the most vulneralble. we can give the world a modern
hope to FAB agreement.

Transcript courtesy of Aniruddha Sharma
Indian Youth Climate Network

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