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NGO Party at Vega

December 13, 2009

This videos really sum up how happening the NGO party was at Vega last night. Amira and I went, after a day of sitting home, while the rest went to Malmo, Sweden for the day. We caught up on blog postings as well as emails and tried to come up with questions for our interviews. So, Amira and I took the metro down from Hellerup to Enghave station and walked from there. We were really cold and couldn’t really figure out how to get there but got directions eventually from a really kind Danish boy ;).

So Vega was fun and the music was really different from what we get in Singapore. Perhaps the closest to what Salsaloca played can be found at Movida at St. James Power Station I think.

Well, that’s all for now. We’re cooking chicken curry for dinner yay! After being here for more than a week, we’re really missing Singaporean fare! So tonight’s dinner will be a real treat!! YAY! 😀 Ok, signing out!

With love from CPH,

Eco Singapore

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