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Free Sex for COP15 Delegates

December 13, 2009

News cutting from local papers

During your stay in Copenhagen you will get a postcard from City Council of Copenhagen, with the slogan ‘Be sustainable: Don’t buy sex!’

It also sent letters to hotel managers inviting them to take measures to avoid prostitutes meeting clients in their establishments.

Susanne Moeller said the move was meant to protest an anti-prostitution initiative undertaken by Copenhagen city hall.

The prostitutes, whose work is not illegal in Denmark, promptly reacted to the move.

‘All delegates who come to Copenhagen for the world climate summit will be able to use the postcards for payment after making a request on our website,’ Ms Moeller, of the Danish association for the defense of sex workers, said.

‘We do not expect many delegates (to make use of the offer), but we want to protest what we consider discrimination,’ Ms Moeller said, adding the offer was good for the duration of the climate talks. – AFP

Brief background

Back in May, Copenhagen hosted a small conference on climate changes, as a part of the preparations for COP15. After this conference a newsletter published by the trade union 3F – which  for years has campaigned for criminalising the purchase of sexual services – told its readers that the conference had resulted in booming sex sales.

The article stirred up quite a fuzz because of this controversial claim. This claim has wrongly been accepted as a fact, and because of this anti-sex work activists now want people to sign the petition against sex work.

3F claimed their sources to be a number of sex workers. One of them was quoted to have said that the number of costumers had increased dramatically.

This came as a surprise to SIO (in Danish: Sexarbejdernes Interesse Organisation; Sex workers Interest Organisation). They had not experienced any increase in number of costumers during the conference. They made a survey to 10 individual sex workers, a number of brothels and escort services. None of  which had seen extra activity either. One sex worker even expressed discontent and annoyance with the escort service she worked at, because she read about all of these extra clients and did not understand why she had not experienced this increase in clients herself.

There was no reason to blame the escort service though. Approximately 500 male delegates attended the conference, and statistically very few of them would have bought sexual services, maybe as few as 5 or 10 . This small increase means nothing in a city with more than a thousand sex workers.

More from SIO

In Denmark – as in the other Scandinavian countries – the left wing parties are dominant when it comes to the criminalisation of sex work. They have the majority in the City Council of Copenhagen, and their aim is to use the media attention on COP15 to further their own interests: a criminalisation of sex work.

We do not encourage or discourage you to buy sexual services; we encourage you to concentrate on the climate issue.

The purpose of this website is to defend ourselves. We hope you will take some time out of your busy schedule to read about our poor legal conditions, the discrimination we face every day, and the lack of help from the Danish authorities.

The general belief reflected among politicians, and anti-sex work activists, is that the delegates attending COP15 will buy a lot of sexual services during the summit, leading to a radical increase in sex sale. This is nonsense! It is more myth than reality. There is no evidence or surveys supporting this claim.

Buying and selling sex is a private matter, and as such should not be monitored or legislated against, nor should it be encouraged or discouraged.

Click here to visit their website

Live from COP15


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