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Don’t Freeze the Deal!

December 12, 2009

Developed countries must unfreeze the climate negotiations. The Federation of Young European Greens ask for a legally binding agreement and support the 350ppm goal and the small island states with a ‘Freeze’ action in front of Tycho Brahe plenary hall. FYEG gathered all international youth to freeze for 350 seconds.

Dismayed at the ‘glacial’ pace of negotiations, youth from across the world call for a greater sense of urgency at COP15. The Federation of Young European Greens if of the opinion that this morning’s announcement by the EU to cut emissions with 30% by 2020 is to be encouraged. However, real courage has to be shown and the EU has to take an extra step: the EU must increase their emissions target to a 40% cut next week if they want to be real climate leaders in Copenhagen.

Eline van Nistelrooij, Spokesperson for the Federation of Young European Greens, said: “We must freeze deforestation, freeze and reduce emissions and keep the ice frozen. But to do any of this, parties at COP15 must unfreeze negotiations.”

In order to encourage world leaders, international youth will freeze at 3.50pm for 350 seconds. 350 ppm is the maximum concentration of co2 in the atmosphere to avoid the dangerous affects of climate change. FYEG supports the ambitious proposals of the small island states and call for a legally binding outcome that is fair and based on the best science.

Live from COP15


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