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A view from Singapore

December 11, 2009

Witnessing conference proceedings through online and television media here in Singapore for the past 5 days  has already been a remarkable experience. Press conferences have been full of diversity–from the mundane talking points of country delegations to the interesting projects and ideas observer organisations have come up with. The politics as usual of such negotiations still persist. However, I hope with the outnumbering presence of civil society, that pressure will be put on national delegations to come out with a successful, fair and ambitious climate deal.

From what I can perceive, it seems that the youth constituency has done an amazing job so far, from organising ad-hoc actions to making relevant and necessary interventions at plenary sessions. The efforts byYOUNGO to make the youth presence visible and significant are definitely laudable and add an extra unprecedented dimension to negotiations which are so critical at this moment in time. It is my hope that as the discussions enter the second week when the stakes are much higher that youth will be able as engaged as ever to ensure success, which is absolutely vital for the future of humanity and our planet.

As I embark on my own journey over the next days to Copenhagen, I cannot wait to be part of this once in a lifetime experience that will no doubt reinforce my resolve to be a credible and valuable stakeholder in search of sustainable solutions to the climate crisis.

Still Stuck in Singapore 😦

Live from Singapore

Zhe Yu

ECO Singapore

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