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The Young’uns…

December 9, 2009

I just received an email from Mangaliso Lovelace Ndaba, an OFFICIAL DELEGATE from the Kingdom of Swaziland.  ( I didn’t know where it is too! But I was informed it’s a “small country in between South Africa and Mozambique”, and here’s a Wiki link for those curious)

And guess what!  The Kingdom of Swaziland has, in their OFFICIAL DELEGATE team, 2 very very young girls.  Take a guess at their birth year/age…

Born in 1994 and 1995!

Wonder how many of our readers are of the same age and what they are doing today- Dec 9, 2009…

This is not meant to be unfair comparison, but what are Singapore teenagers doing (?) ; whilst 2 of their same-age peers have woken to the need for Youth representation at COP15. Youth fighting for their own future because if they don’t push for an AMBITIOUS, LEGALLY BINDING, LONG-TERM, SUSTAINABLE outcome from COP15, the next generation’s SURVIVAL may be compromised…

As what Mangaliso says, this is a perfect opportunity to “motivate government officials to include youth in their official delegation next COP in Mexico”.

(FYI, whilst ECO Singapore is not an official delegation, with a little help from private organizations, such as Banyan Tree and Supper Club and kind contributions from individuals during our Original Sin Party, we have managed to get 15 of us here. Part of the Singapore youth delegation, we also have at COP15, our “darling baby boy”, Zhi Kai, born in 1992, and other young’uns such as Gabriel and Yi Tao)

With other youth from around the world, we urge others who may not be present here to play a stronger role against Climate Change. And it’s not difficult! Should you be inspired to play an active role in environmental issues, you can simply adopt a greener lifestyle (we have lifestyle tips in our archives and newsletters), provide constructive comments on the developments in Copenhagen, or simply just drop us a line to say you’re reading and you care!  =)

Live from COP15,
ECO Singapore

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