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Amira Karim from ECO Singapore representing YOUNGO intervention at COP15 / CMP Meeting #2

December 9, 2009

COP15 Day 3
9Dec 2009
– by aLgae

Conference of Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol (CMP)
2nd meeting

A brief explanation about “Interventions” — During Plenary Sessions (which gather representatives of member states to discuss issues such as Joint Implementation, Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM), etc.), opportunities are given to observers, such as NGOs, to voice their opinions.  These are the so-called “Interventions”.

We are very proud that our fellow ECO Singapore-an, Amira Karim, was selected to represent today’s YOUNGO intervention!  We may be tiny, but mind you, we are feisty~!

Check out these pictures of Amira doing us proud!  Look at the number of world representatives in the room, listening to her!

Amira doing us proud!

Amira Karim for YOUNGO intervention

Video of her intervention speech will be uploaded later, please remember to come back later!

Here’s an excerpt to Amira’s intervention speech,

… We urge all parties to remain accountable to the UN treaties.

Mdm President, we face an unprecedented challenge that calls for unity and responsibility.

It’s not enough that we say ‘Yes we can’, but rather, ‘Yes we can, yes we must and yes we will’…

And here’s more information on YOUNGO and ECO Singapore!

Live from COP15,
ECO Singapore

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