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You look terrible…

December 8, 2009

You look terrible.

All these news about the gloom and doom in this world have gotten to me. The eye bags, the dark eye lines and slit-like-eyes. And I doubt it is from trying to salvage the situation.

Then, how and why do I constantly receive this “You look terrible…” comment recently? Well, I can be a “cautious optimist” and hope that this bad image will change after overcoming some initial challenges with bad hair and lousy skin. Or I can be the “constant pessimistic” and be always pleasantly surprised when I receive a compliment. Then again, a friend over the table notes, “It might just be too late then…”

I hope you can identify the link I have been making by now.

My friends suggested starting a working group on my makeover, put a person in-charge of “bottom-lining” it, draft a plan and evaluate the document in a plenary session.

Alternatively, I can just go to bed and indulge in a good neglected sleep.

Live (Quasi) from COP 15,

Sye Yuet

ECO Singapore

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