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Fossil of the Day (COP15) Day 1

December 8, 2009

The Fossil of the Day awards are held daily at 6pm throughout the period of COP, and are awards presented to the countries with the worst performance during the day’s negotiations. 3 awards will be presented by during each session, which are decided upon by Climate Action Network (CAN). This initiative was first started in the 1999 Bonn climate talks, and has since become one of the daily highlights during COP.

Today was the first Fossil of the Day presentation at COP, with it being based on NGOs vote instead, and throngs of youths were crowded around the booth in anticipation at 6pm sharp.

rd Place: Canada
Canada’s environment minister, Jim Prentice, had proclaimed that his country “won’t be swayed” by Copenhagen “hype”, and consistently refuses to adopt any actual regulatory framework to start reducing emissions. In addition to that, South Africa now has a more ambitious target than Alberta.

2nd Place: Sweden, Finland, & Austria
These countries tied at 2nd place, for backing an EU proposal that included not fully accounting for emissions from forest management, and by counting the effects of logging relative to “projected reference levels”, instead of looking at the actual changes in emissions relative to 1990. Their proposal, if it goes through, will pose a setback to EU’s targets.

1st Place: Annex 1 Countries
Simply because there is no use focusing on financing for developing countries, if the richest do not stop pumping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Live from COP15
ECO Singapore

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