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Why am I here?

December 7, 2009

Why am I here?

– Jade

Question 1: Why am I here?

It was a frantic packing session at midnight and search in the dark to the airport. A friend and I lugged our bags and flew here. Yes, we know what is on your mind. Carbon emissions from flight travel to a climate change conference? That we may discuss on another day. Road to Copenhagen. Successful. Now what?

In a moment of calm amidst the fury of activities of the Conference of Youth (COY), I questioned my presence. Why am I here? There is a lot of buzz in the air. But I am not too sure what am I suppose to do and why I am here. Suddenly, I felt lost. And am certainly so.

Question 2: Am I part of the problem or solution?

Confusions are usually associated with problems. Directions are linked to solutions. I am lost. My peers aren’t. Hence, the new task for self is to know what are their plans and goals. And hopefully find mine too. I learnt that this variety of interests gives dimension to the discussion, albeit complexity too.

Question 3: How can we do better?

Many people are caught in a series of activities which all happen simultaneously. This enthusiasm drives results. What happens when we can’t halt to evaluate our actions? Take some time to address oversight, improve efficiency and simply question? Ah, such indulgences.

Question 4: Would you rather know what I am doing or have done, or do we simply share where we are from?

Lunch time came and went. As I sat on the steps, muching on a sandwhich, a friend raised a really good point. It seems natural to ask one’s nationality as an introduction. And more usually with such a big group of participants, we eventually will have difficulties deepening these conversations with everyone. Shall we pull down these formalities and hit the aim of meeting more people: to share our ideas? And for the first time in months since I have met this friend, I finally learnt the activities he did.

Question 5: I am here now, what can I do?

Live from COP15,
Sye Yuet
ECO Singapore

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