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Have you seen this?

November 16, 2009

By the title, I refer, of course, to the picture below:3944116425_c17dc1ab77

I had only discovered it late last week, so to those for whom this is old news, my sincere apologies. A quick google search reveals all. It is an initiative by the International Advertising Association, with noble goals:

“To connect every person, every city, and every nation to Copenhagen. To give everyone hope, and a platform from which to act. To create a grassroots movement that’s powerful enough to influence change.”

Posters such as the one above has been invading local bus stops, and I late last week, as I’ve mentioned, I finally caught a glimpse of one: it flashed by as the bus I was on sped away from the deserted bus stop where the advert was located. Fortunately, as fate ordains, I chanced upon another of such ad just yesterday.

It immediately caught my attention.

Indeed, it is most heartening that COP15, the conference that could mark a new watershed in Environmental politics, is finally receiving the attention that it deserves. Actually, upon second thought, I would retract my last sentence.

It is heartening to note that there are at least others who care, that we are not alone.

As far as the Hopenhagen campaign in Singapore goes, it is too little, too late. If it seeks to rouse the masses into demanding for tougher regulations and stronger promises at the upcoming COP15, it will all be nothing but fat hope. The apathy of Singaporeans is painfully obvious. How many people even bother to give the posters a second glance? How many people are even aware of what Hopenhagen alludes to?

This would be tiny step on the road towards a sustainable future, but more action needs to be taken, on a long-term basis to effect any real change.

With Copenhagen in 21 days, and most of the pre-conferences over, let us indeed hope that dreams will translate to reality.

On a side note, let’s not forget that we can take actions to make our world a most beautiful home, oh yeah!

Cai Yong

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