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African Union making a stand for Kyoto Negotiations

November 5, 2009

Sure many have read up about the African walking away from the negotiation here.

This kind of created a whole big hoo-ha all around the negotiation. While many of us thing it is about time that someone has the guts to make a stand, there are some who took the opportunity to say that the Africans are stalling the negotiation. The fact is, they are not.

What they are merely doing is to demand from the Annex 1 countries to keep the promise they had done so in 1997 and being at the end of the spectrum that has not benefited out of anything so far, its no doubt they are doing this.

There is a Chinese saying, “If you force a dog to one corner, it will turn back and bite at you.” I’d say this is pretty much what had happened.

After the statement by the African representative, on behalf of G77 and China, China made a statement saying urgent focus and meaningful response to the Kyoto Protocol agenda is required, especially the numbers. This was again supported in the statements made by Sudan and Egypt representatives.

Bolivia shared that what was happening here is that countries are feeling the frustrations where they firmly believes that clarity of numbers would assist in reducing such emotions that are triggered among the countries.

Interestingly, many countries spoke up but most, if not all, of them were from G77+China. Last I heard, Australia had meant to say something, but it didn’t happen. And neither of the Annex one countries spoke as well.

Well, the conditions from here on is this:

1. 60% of the sessions in Barcelona about the Kyoto Protocol must be committed to talk about clear number targets to achieve, based on the 1997 commitment.

2. No beating around the bush and delay tactics.

If either of the above is breached, the African Union is firm to walk out again. And along with them, solidarity with several nations in other parts of the developing or non-Annex 1 countries.

This pretty much marks an exciting, but short, week of negotiations.

Wilson (From Barcelona, with Love)

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  1. Mellow permalink*
    November 5, 2009 5:03 am

    Tell us more when you get back!

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