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10:00 on a Saturday

October 25, 2009

[This was to be published on 17th October, so think back in time!]

I’m no morning person, so it was it was with much grousing that I dragged myself out of bed for the meeting this morning. (Don’t scoff, it’s 10am on a Saturday!)

All 12 of us (the Singapore team), have and will be meeting on a weekly basis in preparation for the Conference of Youth (COY) and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) – if you haven’t already garnered enough of an idea about it through the contents here.

There’s ALOT of preparatory work to be done, from little details like the booking of flights and settling of accomodation and coming up with an overall strategy, to the major headaches like fundraising, fundraising, and fundraising – without which, everything else will be less of a possibility.

We’re also coming up with a little paper (with some inputs from our other regional friends) to be presented at the upcoming ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on the Environment. It’s awfully exciting, and I do hope a more common stance on environmental benchmarks in the region will surface at the end of it.
On a sidenote – since illegal logging came to mind, do check the wood blocks at craft shops before making your purchase. Most times, they’re jelutong wood, which is endangered.

There’s also an upcoming clubbing session on 20th November that we’re organising – The Original Sin, and we’re now in the starting phrase of rolling out the marketing and publicity collaterals. This is our biggest fundraiser with the most potential at the moment, so we’re all keeping our fingers crossed and hoping it’d be the youth equivalent of those chi-chi Lions Club fundraising gala dinners; just that we’ve environmental awareness on the agenda, and will serve up alcohol of the harder kind, and of more copious amounts. That said, I hope the same goes for the funds that come in as well.
Yet another sidenote, if you’re into both clubbing and environmental causes, you can:
1) Come to our party on 20th November at SupperClub – more details at a later date, or
2) Check out Co2penhagen (, a CO2 neutral festival! I love the idea!

And so, I’ve a week’s worth of deadlines to meet before the next meeting on Saturday. Don’t get me wrong, this is fun stuff. But 10am on a Saturday? That makes my slumberbug cry.

P/s. I’d remember to take photographs at the next meeting when I’m in less of a sleepy-soul stupor : )

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