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Actions against the Umbrella Group

December 5, 2008


The International Youth Delegates are watching the umbrella group as they continue to slow down negotiations. The group won an award on Tuesday for Fossil of the Day. The actions were aimed to send the message across that the umbrella group is putting the negotiations UNDER THE WEATHER. Australia is ignoring evidence to say that they are being conservative without reason and delaying the announcement of targets until after COP14. Japan agrees only to non-binding targets. The US has historically blocked progress and is continuing to do so. The umbrella group members can act, but their plans have great big holes. We need these countries to take action and make commitments or step aside and stop blocking progress. The action took place yesterday along the road leading to the main entrance of the conference, in full view of arriving delegates.


The umbrella group is made up Australia, Canada, Iceland, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, the Russian Federation, Ukraine and the United States. This group is blocking progress and jeopardizing our future. None of these countries have reported emissions target goals that are nearly enough. Japan has agreed to setting emissions targets, as long as they are non-binding. With such a system, the nations of the world would have no incentive to follow their commitments to lower carbon in our atmosphere. A recent report in Australia concluded that there is almost no economic difference between a goal of 15% by 2020 and a goal of 25% by 2020. Australia has ignored the report, stating that 15% is much more feasible, and has completely ignored the need for more ambitious mitigation targets. Whilst delaying target announcements until after COP14. The United States has still not taken leadership on climate change, and is still operating as a key block for progress. Action cannot be taken by developing nations until they see leadership from industrialized countries. The members of the umbrella group have the capacity to take action, but there are still holes in their plans. We need these countries to take action and make commitments or step aside and stop blocking progress.

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