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Youth Side Event

December 5, 2008


For the first time, we had the youth to get hold of a proper venue to hold a side event. And the response was overwhelming. It took us a lot to build good ties with the UNFCCC Secretariat. Although we are not a officially recognized group, collectively, we have managed to secure a room for us EVERYDAY for discussion of our daily tactics.

Yesterday, we got ourselves organized to present what the youth had done in their respective country to inspire more others to do the same. But more so, to get to the policy makers to realize we are not just pushing for policy changes but that we can help create change at grassroots levels.

1. Japan: Eco League
2. USA: SustainUS
3. USA: Environmental Justice and Climate Initiative
4. Europe: Europe Young Friends of the Earth
5. Singapore: ECO Singapore
6. Africa: Nordic Youth Climate Action Network
7. India: Indian Youth Climate Network
8. Australia: Australian Youth Climate Coalition on their Overland Trip
9. UK: United Kingdom Youth Delegation
10. South America: Climate Action in South America

This followed up with a workshop where participants are gathered into groups to com up with what is the one thing they can do for climate change. This worked out great and the turn out was awesome!

Expect more from the International Youth Delegates this year!

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  1. December 7, 2008 8:04 pm

    Looks like there was lots of good energy in the room!!! =)

    So, what was the Best Answer given to “1 thing that can be done for climate change” for the day?

    And, just wanted to give kudos for keeping us informed… esp for the quotes in the “interrogation” of the delegates =)

    (Btw, is there an intentional spelling mistake in the watermark? ecosiNAGpore =P)

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